Paheli – Lala Loya Reprod. Sound Shikari


Lala Loya is a Pakistani rapper living in Germany at the moment. Lala is a rapper/poet, who delivers Urdu poetry which people can relate to. His past release ‘Singlan Da Chakka‘ was produced by everyone’s favourite BCL Blade aka ‘Ghauri’. There are some who might not like Lala Loya’s way of delivering his verses but there is something infectious about him that keeps the audience listening engaged.


When we asked Lala what ‘Paheli’ track is all about, he said “Paheli is waste. Listeners samjada ae k mein ik larki nal galan kar rya,in fact eh larki nai, Poetry ae agar listener nu pehle he das dita jae ai ae banda gane che poetry nal gal kar rya. Te start tun end tak har cheez di sense bandi hai kuj lines te bohat clear ne. Listeners nu asi kuch dina bad dasna ae khud he why all i did it ? just to revive Art, Poetry and story telling to make people come to the basics again, the forgotten Roots of Original HipHop.

Sound Shikari did an fantastic job in terms of production, he’s not dropping a lot of tracks like he used to earlier though. Looks like he’s been cooking something up and we are looking forward to hearing what he has been upto. Till then check out Paheli by Lala Loya and if you are fan of poetry you are going to love this.