Pagal – RD Prince (Music Video)


New Delhi is a buzz at the moment with so many artists coming out with tracks and videos, some have even started their very own web series of videos to drum up momentum. Continuos releases are very much needed now as modern day listeners have the attention span of a goldfish, it is very important for an artist to stay relevant with constant and consistent releases. This movement has probably influenced a lot of rappers to put out their music out and I came across one such artist by the name of RD Prince.


The title is catchy and it takes you about 10 seconds into the song to realise that it is a really groovy vibe and is a very vivid way to take on the subject. The title is a clever way to surprise the listener, it’s catchy but also very common and translates to ‘crazy‘. There are plenty of artists who have already taken on the title and have used it as a medium to show how they are crazy and this follows a display of crazy flows, lyricism, wordplays or rhyme schemes something which really really stands out.

How RD differs from those rappers is that he has a little bit of all and he has executed it fairly well. The beat is a banger and a very new school production, it is done by Pdub the producer. After listening to the track you cannot help but notice a very ‘Panda‘ type of vibe from the audio and there are certain Desiigner type of elements present in it but then again that’s just my take on it.

The track is accompanied with a dope video and some really good vfx and graphic work. It was directed by Naman Jain & Aman Pal and the D.O.P of the video was Mukesh Single. The VFX and Editing was done by Naman Jain who is a part of Team Rahul Beniwal. Check out PAGAL by RD Prince here –