An Open Letter to Bohemia’s Fans

Respected Bohemians,

I feel it’s time you all need to hear this. I don’t say this out of any animosity or hate towards you or towards Bohemia him self.

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To start with, Bohemia’s contribution to Hip-Hop is huge and cannot be quantified, lets get that clear from the start. If my memory serves me right, he was the first Desi rapper I ever heard, yup I heard of him even before Baba Sehgal… true story. He has paved a way not just for a single generation of rappers but generations of rappers. He is also mentoring the careers of some of our favourite rappers, like Pardhaan for example. While most of the mainstream rappers brag about being in Bollywood, Bohemia did that almost a decade ago and set the charts on fire.

By definition, Bohemia is a pioneer of the genre we know as Desi Hip-Hop. While there is no denying that he is a legend, I feel few of his fans are blind-sided by his history and his legacy. There seems to be a huge generalization about South-Asian rappers, that they should act or sound like Bohemia. If the same would have been followed in the US, everyone would sound like the ‘Furious Five‘.

DesiHipHop is not just all about Bohemia and if you to think its is, well then honestly you are doing a massive injustice to a whole load of talented, hard-working Desi artists. A few of Bohemia’s last collaborations have been sub-standard to say the least, almost like he’s chasing the money… That said, a few of them have been game changing, such as MTBK, but they have been loved equally and in fact, the sub-standard ones have overshadowed a few of the doper Bohemia tracks in my opinion.

There needs to be a realization among Bohemians that this is not 2006 anymore and there are plenty of rappers who are killing the game right now. The taste in Punjabi rap has changed tremendously, if we compare today’s, to what we had in 2006. We have artists like Prabh Deep, Sikander Kahlon, KRU 172 who sound very different from each other and offer their own experiences and flavour. This is just an example of Punjabi rap, the term Desi incorporates so many other subcultures and languages that it is impossible to enumerate them all in to one sound. In the end, I would like to request to all Bohemians to think with a broader mind, there is so much Desi Hip-Hop music to be checked out and appreciated.

Yours respectfully
Slyck TwoshadeZ