‘OLD SKOOL ADDICT’ By Shubham Shinde And M.ZHE


Shubham Shinde and M.ZHE did a track for ‘International Music Magazine’ which came out on 29 March 2017. ‘OLD SKOOL ADDICT’ is an Indo- Saudi collab which is produced by Safe Beats.  M.ZHE himself did the mixing and mastering of ‘OLD SKOOL ADDICT’. The track has been shot on an iPhone by Ankit Redker, Sanjay Nair, and TRAITOR. M.ZHE edited the whole video and the track is released under the Gawky Records.

This is the second collaboration of M.ZHE this month. He is been in the scene for a longer time and after every track, he has shown a lot of improvement. M.ZHE is a Pakistan-based artist who lives in Saudi Arabia. M.ZHe has been into the desi hip-hop scene at a very early age. As we all know that the music is illegal in Saudi Arabia and he is been doing music at his own risk which is very commendable. He also formed a crew called ‘Gawky Records‘ which has The Ray, Traitor, Zenix, Raamis, Thugzy, and Aqeel Sarfaraz. He has conducted various hip-hop workshops and did many cyphers for his city. He is the main reason that we know about the hip-hop scene in Riyadh city. M.ZHE also collaborated with YASZ GOYL in a track called  ‘HUM BURE’ which is produced by  The Road Home and Suryansh Raghuvanshi and M.ZHE directed and edited the video.

On the other hand, Shubham Shinde is a Mumbai-based hip-hop artist who wanted to have a track with M.ZHE, so he approached him and shared his idea about the track ‘OLD SKOOL ADDICT’. He couldn’t manage to get a good quality DSLR for the video so, he shared this idea of shooting the video with iPhone to which both the artist agreed and the track is doing really well and got 5k views within a day.

The owner of ‘International Music Magazine’ shared his idea of releasing exclusive videos from his youtube channel and promote the artists on a different level. So he contacted M.ZHE and Shubham Shinde and both thought they should let ‘International Music Magazine’ handle the release so they sent their video to the owner and within one day the track came out and ‘International Music Magazine’ is doing a perfect job on the promotions. Shubham Shinde was also featured in the ‘International Music Magazine’ as top 10 desi rappers.

The main concept behind ‘OLD SKOOL ADDICT’ is to show the people that the underground desi hip-hop with having 0 budget on the video, no models, no cars, and no fancy locations and no good quality DSLR just they have only their mobile phones and skills. You don’t need any expensive gadgets to make your track good. It’s all about your talent and skills that you need at the end of the day.

CheckOut ‘OLD SKOOL ADDICT’ By  Shubham Shinde And M.ZHE Here: