Off The Dome Heat! 5 Desi Emcees Sick At Freestyle


Desi hip-hop is on the rise and emcees are killing it all around. For any emcee to excel in the art of rap, practising freestyle is very essential. It is no less than an exercise for your brain, which also gets your creative juices flowing. ‘Off The Dome Freestyle’ is something emcees look forward to when they meet fellow artists from around the country. Desi Hip Hop brings to you a list of 5 such Desi emcees that drop sick rhymes off the dome!

Poetik Justis

Bombay veteran Poetik Justis has been in the scene for well over a decade now. Apart from a number of mixtapes and albums he has dropped, the rapper is respected by every Mumbai emcee for his freestyle skills. This shows in his battle skills too! Flipping a bar comes as easy as it does to Poetik, who can go on and on for hours just freestyling.

poetik justis


Another Bay emcee who can go bar to bar with freestyle is ‘Dreamteam’ cofounder Enkore. There’s this rhythmic beauty to his off the dome bars that make you groove with each line. Practising daily has been a key for the ‘Million Dollar Smile’ rapper, which shows in his skills. May it be Cypher Mania sessions or Monster Battles, this guy has done it all.


Check one of his freestyle sessions on the mic!

Prabh Deep

Delhi emcee Prabh Deep can not only kill beats but can also kill it in acapella freestyle. Witnessing the same first hand, it is safe to say that very few emcees have the audacity to freestyle in Punjabi. Much like his power gripping music and live performance, watching Prabh Deep spit rhymes off the dome has its own charisma.

prabh deep


One of the emcees who has cemented the growth of freestyle in Mumbai is Elsewhere member Kav-E. The battler has been working on his debut album for long now. He does all the justice to his stage name as soon as freestyle cyphers begin. Kav-E paints a poetic picture with his words each time he spits off the dome rhymes. Won’t be wrong to say his freestyle skills are an inspiration for upcoming emcees.

kav e


Delhi rapper MC Heam has been killing it with his butter smooth flow and witty Hindi bars. Very few Hindi rappers in India can freestyle like Heam does. The emcee goes all in on the beats, laying down word after word for you on the spot. It’s a treat to see Heam freestyle, and we sure wish to see more Hindi rappers following his footsteps.

MC heam

Certainly, there are many more emcees with amazing freestyle skills. Share some names of your choice with us!