‘Where Are You Now’ By Rishi G X Huzur Will Take You To A Different Zone

Rishabh, who is better known by his stage name Rishi G and Aakash who is known as Huzur are two Delhi-based hip-hop artists. This duo just dropped their track ‘Where Are You’ from their upcoming mixtape ‘Parichay’ on March 5, 2017. The instrumental is created by J-Set and the engineering for it is done by Rishi G. This is the fourth track from their mixtape and they are working hard to release it as soon as possible for the listeners so that they can feel and enjoy their music.

In today’s world, the meaning of love and relationship is not the same as before. People are looking for “Casual Relationships” and “Fake Love” (#DrakeReference). This track paints the tale of today’s ‘fake love’ and talks about the person who was genuinely involved and was on the other end of the fake relationship. It is the story of every single person whose heart has been broken yet loves his ex and is now showing outrage towards the other. The way both these artists have put their emotions on the track, every individual who has been through a heartbreak will connect to it. We wish them all the luck for their upcoming mixtape.

Listen ‘Where Are You’ By Rishi G And Huzur Here: