You Should Not Sleep On Xenon Phoenix x Forxst ‘Twisted Turns’ (Video)

Xenon Phoenix, who is a Pune, Maharashtra based hip-hop artist originally from Siliguri, West Bengal has dropped something that unfortunately is considered underground but sounds better than most of the mainstream music coming out these these days.

Twisted Turns‘ is his latest drop which is a collaboration with a well-known Polish producer Forxst who has a mysterious face. Yes, no one has seen Forxst but his name is not new for many of the hip-hop acts out there.

When I asked Xenon about how this collaboration came to life, he told me that “I’m a huge fan of  Forxst’s production. I’ve been listening to him since early 2015 and always had this dream to work with him. Later in 2016, I contact him about working together sent few raw takes and then this came up”. Quite of a ‘Dream Come True’ moment. Right? The concept behind Xenon’s lyrics is about a mysterious woman haunting him in his dream. Relating his past experiences from relationships.

This vocal based instrumental is provided to him by Forxst on purpose and the whole project was later mixed and mastered by Hanish Taneja. The video of this track was directed by Xenon himself with the help of Insomniac Pix. This video is also airing on Vh1 India in their ‘Vh1 Sound Nation‘ segment.