DO NOT MISS! Poetik Justis Drops Trailer For Bhaari Scene


Bombay rapper Poetik Justis has unveiled the brand new trailer to his upcoming music video ‘Bhaari Scene’. After creating much hype for the track with his Bhaari Scene campaign, the rapper gave us a gist of what’s in store. And we surely like what we see!

‘Bhaari Scene’s’ trailer is a fun one and a half minute video taking us back to the year 2015. The video sees a young Poetik sitting in a room giving the audience an intro about his track and album ‘Greatness’ which released the same year. After creating an aura of nostalgia, the video suddenly takes a high note on energy.

From B-boys to killer beats, ‘Bhaari Scene‘ video promises to show it all. The music video has been shot by Eragnut and his team who have previously shot ‘Battle Bars Bombay: Hunting Season’. Desi Hip Hop is eager for the video that drops on March 13th, 2017.

Earlier we had informed you that Poetik Justis has set up a crowd fund under the ‘Bhaari Scene‘ campaign. The campaign aims to raise money via PayTM in order to buy shoes for students at The Dharavi Project school.

The Dharavi Project teaches young boys and girls the different elements of hip-hop, one of which is breaking. Bhaari Scene campaign aims to provide the required gear, in order for them to master the art and practice with more ease.

Check out Poetik’s page to keep updated about the campaign. Meanwhile, share this video and spread it everywhere!

Let’s create a Bhaari Scene! Here’s the trailer:

Bhaari Scene Trailer [Poetik Justis]

Hello world, let's create positive change through the power of Hip-Hop music. Here is the trailer to #BhaariScene!More details on the campaign to provide :: SlumGods :: kids with shoes -> and support the campaign! Full Music video drops 13th March!

Posted by Poetik Justis on Thursday, March 2, 2017