Noddy Khan’s ‘Brown Rang (Remix)’ Is Worth The Appreciation


Noddy Khan is often considered as ‘The Youngest Indian Rapper‘. He was only six years old when he started off and after six more years, he is twelve years old today and is even better than ever. He was appreciated by his idol Yo! Yo! Honey Singh back in the year of 2011 when they both met at the office of 92.7 Big FM. Noddy did a cover of ‘Brown Rang‘ in front of his idol and he has been performing his cover remix at several shows since then.

After six long years, Noddy Khan decided to remix the original rhythm and blues version of Yo! Yo! into a dance one for his fans and for the audience in general.

Noddy Khan

‘Brown Rang’ by Yo! Yo! Honey Singh changed his entire reputation in the business. It won the top spot in the list of YouTube’s most watched video of 2012 in India with over 10 million views. It has helped Noddy Khan in shaping up his career likewise.

This dance remix came out this week and has already crossed 1,00,000 views on Youtube. His brother Cafy, who is also on the verge of becoming one of the big producers in the game, produced this track for his blood brother. ‘Brown Rang’ by Noddy Khan is tempting as it sounds way too professional and that also coming out from the end of a 12-year-old kid is a charm to watch.

In my conversation with his brother Cafy, he decided to tell me that 2017 is going to be a game changer for Noddy. They’re planning to release at least one track every month to promote Noddy’s talent. Their next release is planned for the first week of February. Let’s see what they’re going to put out for the audience, till then check out the track and tell us what you think: