‘I Am Noddy Khan 2’ Is Here For All Noddy Khan Fans!


Noddy Khan

Noddy Khan released the audio of ‘I Am Noddy Khan 2‘ a few days ago. The tag of being the youngest in the game has earned him a decent amount of audience. This is a follow-up track of his previous release ‘I Am Noddy Khan‘ which came out a few months ago.

Harry Cheema has been supporting him with lyrics since the beginning and this track is no different. He has penned down lyrics that Noddy has delivered smartly. The beat was produced by his blood brother Cafy Khan.

“Kuch logo ka andaz bhi ajeeb hai, paisa jeb main, par dil se garib hain/ Saamne to pyaar mujhse krte hain pta ni kyu fir, mera gana share karne se darte hain.” Clearly, in these lines he is talking about the fame and the amount of hate that he has earned from his followers and haters. This time, there’s no video for this song. This was a bit unusual for him as he is not shy of the camera at all. The audio of this track is available on his official YouTube channel.

Listen ‘I Am Noddy Khan 2’ by Noddy Khan here: