Nintendo And Diefferent Working On Something Together?


Off-lately Mumbai’s Finest members have been killing it as a crew as well and as individual entities. Diefferent (formerly Kinga Rhymes) had been dropping several hints regarding his latest video, ‘Who is Diefferent?’ and it is finally out. That is not all, a flying birdie also told me that Diefferent has been in communication with Nintendo with regards to giving the background score for one of their upcoming video games. I am not sure if, ‘Who is Diefferent?’ is going to be on the game but it will be interesting to see how all of this works out.

I have known Mumbai’s Finest for quite some time and have always seen Diefferent to be a little… well different. With passing time I figured out that he has a huge contribution in Mumbai’s Finest achieving a whole new sound. He changed his name from ‘Kinga Rhymes’ to ‘Diefferent’ after he realized that his style is actually a metamorphosis of various musical genres that he listens to. ‘Who Is Diefferent?’, the title is self-explanatory and is exactly what it sounds like. The track comes out as an answer for folks wondering what exactly is this MF member going through and what is the fuss around his name.

Diefferent wrote, produced, mixed and mastered the track on his own and was also involved in the video process. The video is edited by Dev Pawar of The Visual Team and the Art Directors for this were Bone and Dev Pawar.

Watch the video of ‘Who Is Diefferent?’ right here :