How The Nightlife Is Ignorant Towards Hip-Hop?

The nightlife could be exciting and fun for some people but could be excruciating towards some. Only a handful of clubs know what Hip-Hop is and promote the culture to the max by playing the right music but the majority of the clubs or lounges or cafes confuse genres or just play some vague Hip-Hop.

Being a resident in Delhi, I’ve been through a lot of clubs especially when the nightlife offers a “Hip-Hop Night“. A lot of times I get stuck listening to EDM on a Hip-Hop night which shows how ignorant the club and the DJ on the console is. I feel like club owners should know that Nucleya is not Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop doesn’t start and end with Badshah or Raftaar.

Also for some weird reasons a lot of clubs do not allow stags i.e. individuals. Recently, Raftaar performed and I, for one, couldn’t get in because I’m a man and I didn’t bring a girl with me.

This needs to be stop as it is watering down the purity of Hip-Hop and pushing it back. Also, if you do feel the need to party on a Hip-Hop night in the captial, below are a couple of DJ’s and performers you should follow for updates.

DJ Karma
Seedhe Maut
Prabh Deep
CJ Gurung

Those are all I know. There might be more I missed. Do let us know some of the real DJ’s keeping Hip-Hop alive in the nightlife scene in the comment section of our facebook post.