NewCastle’s Eco Warriors Rap About being Responsible for Our Environment

Drawing on environmental issues, a young school crew called Eco Warriors have written a rap video addressing the dangers that face humanity owing to the carelessness humans mete out the planet that we live in.


These youngsters from Broadway Primary School in Denton Burn in Newcastle have been preparing to perform this in front of the Lord Mayor of NewCastle Hazel Stephenson and visitors as a part of the horticultural show organized by NewCastle City Council and will also feature models made by the students from recyclable material and on a whole raising the environmental consciousness. This is all part of the 15th NewCastle Allotment and Garden Fete at Leazes Park in the city.

The students aged between 8-10 have worked on all things environmental based on their work in that sector over the academic year.

The music coordinator for Broadway Primary School Mrs. Susan Sinclair described the process of making the eco-video, a fun way of making people aware of what was going on the the world and sending out a message. She looks at the project as a perfect use of technology and music to spread such an important message. The group worked on the project which was a that spread across school subjects including English, environmental studies and music since it required language skills, poetry writing, environment consciousness and some for of internal musical flair. The video and song were recorded at a studio called Jam Jar.

Mrs Sinclair reminisces working on the projects as a heart a soul project bringing people from different communities and ethnicities together for a common goal. The children apparently came up with ideas and thoughts of ways of being responsible for their community.