New Year’s Party Playlist (International)

With the new year eve approaching everyone is gearing up for a night of epicness and partying. For all those who love Hip-Hop I’m counting down the top five tracks in my party playlist. Some of these tracks are old school. Also this topic would be divided into two articles one focusing on international projects and the other on Desi. Let’s kick it.

Beastie Boys – (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)

New Year's Party Playlist #Kode (International)

Old is gold indeed. One of the most well known tracks from the old school era is still relevant. Launched in 1986 majority of the Hip-Hop listeners are still banging this in their parties. This is a cult classic over a typical rock beat and we see Beastie Boys having fun with their lyricism. The music video is trippy and lit with wit scenes and gags. You truly got to fight for your right to party.

Fight for your right here –

2pac feat Dr.Dre – California Love

New Year's Party Playlist #Kode (International)

A West Coast classic. Two legends on one project both of these well known artists were at their peaks when this project came out. A groovy Dr Dre beat and a evergreen verse from the late legend Tupac. California knows how to party and the video is the living proof. A Dre verse to top of this classic is just so hard. This is not a track this for me is my party anthem.

Show love –

Biggie Smalls – Party & Bullshit

New Year's Party Playlist #Kode (International)

Boom Bap beat and the hardcore lyricism of Biggie Smalls is a delight. No list is complete with Notorious Big in context to old school classics. This is an evergreen track that helps you get into the party vibe and just groove. This is one of my favorites from the late legend. All I want to do is Party & Bullshit.

Listen to the classic here –

Ludacris – How Low


This track has one of the catchiest verse’s you would ever hear. This is one of Ludacris’s most celebrated project and the beat is lovely. The bass centered beat shows hints of techno and trap but at the end of the day it’s a club banger. Ludacris with his southern accent shows us how he parties and the video is just a delight to watch.

Go low here –

50 Cent – In Da Club

New Year's Party Playlist #Kode (International)

I’m sorry for the people who don’t know about this track. This is the perfect club banger. From the chorus to the verses to the bass heavy beat produced by the west coast OG Dr Dre this is perfection. One of the most popular projects by 50 Cent. This is a classic straight up and should be in your party playlist no debate here.

Watch the video here –

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