Nep-Hop Pioneer Yama Buddha Passes Away

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to inform you of the passing of one of the O.G’s Nep-Hop movements, Yama Buddha. The reason behind Yama Buddha aka Anil Adhikari‘s eternal rest is not clear. A few sources are reporting that it might be a suicide but those who know Yama personally are saying that he loved life way too much and was not the type of guy to take away his own life.


He was 29 years of age and was living in London with his wife. His family confirmed that the rapper was found departed in his bathroom at around 3 am yesterday.

The entire South Asian community is still in shock and are paying respects in the form of posts and photos in social media.

Yama Buddha was the most prominent figure in the Nep-Hop movement. Yama was born in Kathmandu and was responsible for setting up the entire scene which gave various artist a platform to hone their skills and perfect the art of making music. He had a very diverse catalog and his most appreciated contribution was his mixtape ‘Ekadesh’ in 2011. Yama was an avid battle rap fan and was also the founder of ‘Raw Barz‘, this was the most loved battle-rap league from the subcontinent. ‘Raw Barz’ was respected internationally as it was helping the country’s first bunch of female rappers such as Tsamyun, Rhythms Up, Cring and Pari in polishing their art.


There cannot be a conversation about Nep-Hop movement without mentioning Yama Buddha. His love for Hip-hop was undying just like his spirit and his contribution to the scene will always be matchless. I sincerely hope that Yama Buddha is in a better place.

He might be gone but can never be forgotten.