You Need To Check Rappers Who Can Produce As Well (Part I)

Nowadays, most of the artist are multi-talented. They can do everything. From production to recording, they can manage all these of their own. In this article, we are talking about the rappers who also does production.

Here’s the list of rappers who can produce too:

1. Chen-K

Nadir Chen Siddiqui, professionally known as Chen-K, is a Pakistan-based hip-hop artist and a music producer too. With his storytelling skills, he has gained some good popularity not only in Pakistan but in India as well.

Tracks like “Salgirah” and “Wesa Beta” are the perfect examples. He not only recorded his voice on these tracks but also created the instrumentals for the same. From production to recording, he handles all these things on his own.

2. Harry Cheema

Harry Cheema is a Chandigarh-based hip-hop artist and a music producer. Many of you know that Harry Cheema was first featured in India’s Got Talent season 1 in the year 2009.

He performed the much hyped and acclaimed rap song “Chal Jhoothi” with his mate and gained appreciation for his unique style of music. We can see his production skills in Pardhaan’s tracks like “Adam Aur Eve” and “Meri Baari Hai”.

3. Rob C

Kamesh Chawla popularly known as Rob C is a Chandigarh based hip-hop artist and a music producer too. He is a member of Mohali-based hip-hop crew Kala Kurta Gang.

Rob C

Rob prefers to spit rhymes on his own beat rather than using downloaded beats from YouTube. You can see his production skills in his latest track “Heart Ek”.

4. Young H

Harsh Vyas, professionally known as Young H, is a rapper and a producer from Jodhpur city. He is a co-founder and a member of a hip-hop crew J19 Squad.

He proved his production skills on every track. You can check his skills on his recent tracks like “Bholenath” and “Alfaaz”.

5. Rap Demon

Abdullah Malik  goes by the stage name Rap Demon. He is a rapper and a producer from Islamabad, Pakistan. We all know that he is one of the finest hip-hop artists from the Pakistan.

With his witty flow and dope rhymes, he has achieved a certain fan base and respect towards his work. Apart from rapping, he is very good at production too.

To sum up, these are the producer who can produce their own beats too. We know for the fact that they all are good when it comes to rapping. Each one of them is a dope rapper. But no one can deny the fact that their production is also good. Part II of this list is coming out very soon. You’re favorite artist will be featured here.

All you have to do is, comment down his name in the section below.