Naezy talks about his Struggle in ‘Asal Hustle’


Naezy just dropped, ‘Asal Hustle‘ and it is something which should be checked out by everyone who is looking for some real content in Desi Hip Hop. The OML signed artist talks about the struggles, situations and consequences which one has to go through while pursuing their dreams.

Asal Hustle‘ can be considered an ode by anyone who has ever regretted taking a poor decision at some point in their lives but later figured out their path and are doing something meaningful or giving back to society in one way or the other. It is great to see Naezy trying to make a difference with his music influencing the masses with the lessons he learned from his encounters with life.

naezy asal hustle struggle1

Asal Hustle‘ has been crafted on a Sez instrumental and it sounds fresh. The abstract drum pattern required a very unorthodox flow which falls perfectly in Naezy’s domain. From the very first time I heard him, I figured out that he has a very different and distinct delivery compared to the other rappers in Bombay.

The Bombay 70 representative is unhesitant in discussing his past which involves his part taking in various malicious activities and it went to the extent where he was in the lock up in a Police station for a very brief stint. He also goes on to mention that life in Bombay city is very difficult as it is and the more distractions you chase the more complex your life will get. This track is a perfect mix of personal experiences along with wise words for the young listeners.

Naezy has been buzzing since the time he announced his ‘Asal Hustle‘ tour and the announcement that he will be playing at the NH7 Weekender in December. I saw him play live alongside Delhi 18’s Prabh Deep and it was a pretty wicked set which he had planned. We hope we get to hear some new music by Naezy soon enough.