Naezy Raps His Heart Out In ‘Azaad Hu Mai’


Mumbai’s rising star Naezy just dropped a fresh new track ‘Azaad Hu Mai’. Audio streaming platform Saavn has recently launched their #HipHopMovement, the streaming App teamed up with Naezy to release the track under the Artists Original initiative.

‘Azaad Hu Mai’ is a gem of a track especially for all the Naezy fans who were patiently waiting for drops from the artist. The rapper has penned his life story through his previous tracks ‘Haq Hai’, ‘Asal Hustle’ and ‘Tehelka’Naezy now has unleashed the darker side of his story with ‘Azaad Hu Mai’.

naezy azaad hu mai saavn artist original

The track resonates his struggles from being born in an Orthodox Muslim family to pursuing his dreams. The lyrics exhort freedom, which for Naezy, is a path defined by hard work, perseverance and hope. He has done justice to the beat with his sick flow. Now we await the track’s music video, which is sure to set the fire in the scene!

On his collaboration with Saavn Naezy stated, “Saavn is making huge strides, giving the Hip-Hop movement in our country a crucial platform and I am happy to be a part of this.”

naezy azaad hu mai saavn artist original

He further added, “I look forward to being the first to grace the Artist Originals program as we curate a larger movement that gives artists across our country an opportunity to shine.”

With Artist Originals, Saavn is now the first streaming company to conceptualise, produce and distribute new music with independent artists in India. Saavn aims to do a lot more with their recent undertaking Artists Original. Certainly, Naezy’s ‘Azaad Hu Mai’ has been a fresh kick-start to the same.

Stream the track here: