Naezy – Exclusive Interview – Bringing that ‘Tehelka’


Bombay resident and Kurla representative, Naezy has had an exemplary year. His last release ‘Asal Hustle has crossed more than 160,000 views and still is going strong. He successfully finished off his first successful independent tour and also recently played the NH7 Weekender in Pune, which had the legendary DJ Premier headlining the event. From recording on iPad’s to sharing the stage with DJ Premier, his story has been inspirational to say the least.

DJ Premier & Naezy

He is now coming back with ,’Tehelka‘ which literally translates to sensational, in this track he encapsulates his vision for Desi Hip-Hop. It will be interesting to see how he breaks it down, especially the way he executes his music.

I had a conversation with him and we discussed about his upcoming single, his tour and how 2017 is looking for him. I caught up with the Bantai to have a better understanding about ‘Tehelka‘.

Slyck : What can one expect from your upcoming track, ‘Tehelka’ ?

Naezy : ‘Tehelka’ as the name suggests is sensational in each way. In this track I’m taking aim at the so-called Presidents and Kings of Desi Hip-Hop, while at the same time raising the bar for the MCs that are a part of the Indian underground hip-hop movement.
I always used to think about this concept but for some reason I kept quiet. I think it’s high time now, I am fed up with the shallow lyricism that is usually associated with Indian hip-hop, With ‘Tehelka’ Im trying to highlight my comprehensive vision for hip-hop in India. And we’ve got India’s finest hip hop producer to compose this mental tune. A lot of people would have to listen to it closely and repeatedly to understand what’s being said and the video is pacy too.

Tehelka Poster

Slyck : I heard you say that this release will be different from your previous ones, can you elaborate more on this point ?

Naezy : It’s a gradual process, when an emcee learns how not to shift from the main subject of your song, if I’m talking about the government I’ll only stick to that. If it’s about my early days, my struggles I would not like to jump outside that line. If it’s a freestyle, it’s a freestyle but if it’s a conceptual track it must be focalised. This time I’m not talking too much about my past or anything about the government.

Slyck : How was the recording experience and the video shoot too, are you personally involved in the post production ?

Naezy : My ex-manager (Uday Kapur) has a unique taste in music and he has been listening to hip hop for a while now, so him me and Sez were chilling at Sez’s place where we discussed about making a track of this kind. Within hours we recorded a rough scratch to see how it sounds, and with Sez’s genius, it sounded mad. Soon as I came back to Bombay and finished writing the whole song, we called Sez and ordered pizza at Bombay cotton press and it was a crazy experience recording this, Sez made sure that we get what we were aiming for and later for the mix I made sure that we got the top sound. Sez and me have developed a good understanding of that, thanks to Uday.

We’ve worked very hard this time for the video as well, a lot of people are involved Artists from our scene Rappers, BBoys, BMX, Graffiti boys have been on the shoot for hours and I really appreciate their efforts. The video has been shot by some very enthusiastic and talented people and I’ve spent hours with the director and the editor in the edit room to get quintessential results.

Slyck : You recently went on tour, how was that experience ?

Naezy : I had great fun touring different parts of our country, it’s always good to travel and get to know about different cultures, you see things, you do things and you learn. In some cities, hip-hop is not something that they’re fond of, they want to have fun and that too only on Bollywood party songs, so there’s still time for a few people to turn up to the kind of music we play.

Screenshot from ‘Tehelka’

Slyck : Which city other than Bombay is your favorite to perform in ?

Naezy : Bombay of course is our home turf and for the emcees it’s the best place to perform. Apart from my city I love performing in Bangalore because people connect with the performers and they come to listen to your music and they bump, they give you a feeling and they’re not there just to get wasted.

Slyck : Desi Hip-Hop is on the rise, how do you feel about this statement ?

Naezy : I used this statement for the caption of the picture that I had uploaded which had me and DJ Premiere in one frame. Who would’ve thought that a couple of years ago, a wannabe kid from Kurla would stand next to the legends and the pioneers of this culture. A while back we weren’t sure about the future of hip-hop in India, but now we have hopes, aspirations and its building even more each day. We have now realized that we should stick to our roots and spit out what’s inside, many emcees from across the nation are translating their emotions into words in languages and with the type of diversity we have it’s thrilling to imagine the rise of Hip Hop in India.

Slyck : What is in store for Naezy in 2017 ?

Naezy : A lot more than what we had this year. I’ve been waiting and trying constantly to put together tracks and make an E.P or Album. Let’s see how it goes.


Slyck : What message for fans and followers

Naezy : I’m so glad I’ve all of you, you’re my strength, I’ve lots of love and respect for each one of you. If you think I’ve not released enough music you should understand that there are certain phases that an Artist goes through, and for me it’s always quality over quantity, and once I’m ready, I’ll bring out the best and the finest.

Never look back in your life you should focus on the present and plan ahead. Life is a gift you should live it to the fullest. You should work harder to achieve your dreams, nothing is impossible nothing is out of your reach, give your 100 percent in all aspects of life, smoke good, eat good, live good and listen to good music and don’t smoke too much it’ll give you schizophrenia…!
May this New Year brings a lot of happiness in all our lives.

Love and respect, lo aur watlo abhi, fat fat.