Naezy Crosses Another Million With “Azad Hu Mei”

Naezy Live

Bombay’s very own, Naezy, recently crossed a million hits on “Azad Hu Mai” which was released through Saavn. In addition to it, Naezy has quite recently accomplished a million hits on his past single “Aafat” as well. The Hindi/Urdu rapper seems to have a genuine fondness towards accomplishing statures of progress. “Aafat” is one of Naezy’s initial singles which managed to earn him some better than average notoriety in the music business. Naezy, the poet-style rapper has been buzzing in the hip-hop circuit because of his music and is also getting a movie made on his musical journey. “Gully Boy” features none other than Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt.

I still remember watching and listening to “Aafat” as I was blown away by the content.  It is clear in the wake of observing that the video of “Aafat” is not exceptionally noteworthy. I think Naezy is one of the first Hindi rappers to incorporate multiple syllables in his verse. It is not just his technique which is impressive but also what he says.He effortlessly puts his apprehension about the different parental weights and issues of the general public in the society.

“Sab sey hatkar, sab sey qattar, muh khola toh,
Sar pey pathar, sabsey khatarnaak Bombay 70”

Quoted lines from ‘Aafat’ were my favorite. He humbly introduces you to his area, Kurla, Bombay-70. He also mentions that if you try to act over smart in this dangerous neighborhood then you might be pelted with stones on your head. This is just one of the many dope bars from the track.

Check out ‘Aafat’ right here if you have not done so thus far.