Naezy The Baa Speaks to On Upcoming ‘Gully Boy’ Movie

I remember sometime late last year news broke that their will be a Bollywood movie based on Bombay’s underground Desi Hip Hop movement. We’re happy to say that news has now been confirmed.

Titled ‘Gully Boy‘, based around the rise of Kurla raised rapper Nazey, the big budget flick will have Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt playing lead roles in the motion picture. Zoya Akhtar will be directing and Farhan Akhtar will produced it under his ‘Excel Entertainment‘ production house.

From what we know, the movie is based around the life and rise of #Bombay70’s very own Naved Sheikh a.k.a. Naezy The Baa. Zoya Akhtar was motivated to make this movie after she came across his music on the internet and was blown away. She was very taken back by the fact that it was the very gullies and streets of Bombay that was the breeding ground for such magnificent talent.

It is also very refreshing to see that someone like her is helping the underground desi hip hop scene get attention, mainly because the common man in India is mostly listening to Bollywood music and is absolutely unaware about such talent is prevalent on the street of not only Bombay, but every corner of India as a whole.

Zoya is known to be a perfectionist and began pre-production for the movie by visiting Naezy’s locality, Kurla (W) in Mumbai. I guess this is a part of familiarising herself with the routine of an Indian underground rapper, his surroundings and way of life. Shooting for Gully Boy is likely to start in November this year and is slated for release in 2018.

We caught up with the man Naezy himself, and this is what he had to say to exclusively, “Zoya ma’am came and visited me last year and I showed her around where I grew up. She asked to hear stories from my past to get an understanding of who I am, where I come from and what I am all about, what this desi hip hop movement about”

Naezy Live

He continued, “it’s very important for me that the scene is portrayed in the right way, although we understand this is Bollywood, I was keen for my story especially, to be told without a lot of dramatisation, but I’m sure there will be drama and a little bit of spice, you know, its the movie business, the story is going to be fictionalised, and since our genre is getting a huge platform, we’ll have to compromise a bit, but we’re trying to make sure that we make it as authentic as possible.”

We followed by asking him what he feels this means for the scene and where he sees it going from now, Naezy replied “I obviously think this is a good thing, a lot of people have put so much hard work and effort, not just now, but for over a decade, to get the scene where it is today. So it’s good to know that the mainstream public of India will get to know what Desi Hip Hop is and what it means to us.

To say we’re really hyped about this film would be an understatement, we will keep you posted on updates as and when they happen, so stayed locked in to DHH!