‘Na Galli, Na Lolli’ By MaaHaa Is A Treat For Telugu Rap Fans


I first heard of Mahadev Sastry aka MaaHaa when the ‘The Fusion Track‘ came out. Then we witnessed the release of ‘16 Bars The Cypher‘ and I came to knew that he is a polyglot. As I have a limited understanding of any South-Indian language, connecting with the lyricism of any rapper from down south gives me a hard time but its music at the end of the day. Music is not bound with linguistic barriers. Right?

MaaHaa has spat in Hindi, English and this time he’s here with a Telugu rap track ‘Na Galli, Na Lolli‘.

Na Galli, Na Lolli
‘Na Galli, Na Lolli’ means ‘My Street, My Hustle’ in English and starts off as an old-school track which is produced by Shashank. But, there’s a twist; As the track progress towards the end, whole instrumental starts shifting towards a dubstep drop that’s full of wobble sounds. I really like the way they have mixed the hook to give the track an electronic feel.

It’s an eighty percent Telugu track mixed with twenty percent of English rhymes. It’s all about how and why MaaHaa is here in the scene and about all his hustle. In my conversation him, he told me that there are not many rappers who are trying their luck in Telugu Rap so he decided to take a step forward and took the initiative by himself. This project was mixed and mastered by Mystic Alankar. 

Even if Telugu rap is not your thing, hit the play button below and witness the change in your opinion.