The Mysterious Death Of Tupac, BuzzFeed’s 2016 Mini-Series

BuzzFeed’s subdivision ‘Buzzfeed Blues’ which reveals mysterious cases, reveals facts and increases knowledge about some mysteries. Part of the 2 episode series BuzzFeed tries to put the facts about the tragic incident together. The first episode focuses on the murder of Tupac while the second one focuses on Biggie Smalls.

The video essentially dwells on the accounts of eyewitnesses and different motives by some of Tupac’s biggest enemies. The video does a fact check on the police reports and tries to solve many conspiracy theories. They also add a little humor to the whole documentary. The crew drives around and chat the theories out.

The whole scene still remains a mystery with only one strong lead to who could be Tupac’s murderer.

” According to Carroll (a police officer), when he opened the door and asked Tupac who shot him, Tupac responded, “Fuck you,” making those his last words before slipping into unconsciousness. “

Watch The First Episode Of The Series Here:

The second episode follows the same pattern as the first episode but it put emphasis on Biggie Small’s Death

The Second Episode About The Death Of Notorious Big Here: