‘Un Me Se Ek’ By MusicPM Is Out Now


Prince, who goes by the stage name MusicPM, is a Delhi-based hip-hop artist. He recently released ‘Un Me Se Ek’ which was produced by DIABLO. MusicPM mixed and mastered ‘Un Me Se Ek’ and did the spectrum visuals as well. In addition to it, this track is released on Raga‘s Youtube channel.

Un Me Se EK Image

‘Un Me se Ek’ depicts and describes the true nature of a human being nowadays. Throughout this track, MusicPM tried to express that people would care tremendously for their loved ones but are losing unity. Every individual is out for themselves and rather not care about others. MusicPM has always wondered how as humans, we can be so oblivious to the pain of other humans. Since, he himself came from a poor background and thus he can relate to it.

Basically, this track depicts the day to day challenges of a life where the monetization of a society has made a human life worthless. Lines like “Zindagi app pe bhi ek samajhna, toh seekho sawal aapse bhi, Ek samajhna to seekho thaali  aap bhi/ Ek samajh to seekho aap bhi unme se ek samjhna toh seekho” really touched my heart. The track is dope and everyone should listen to it. This guy has a lot of potential in him.

Listen To ‘Un Me Se Ek’ By MusicPM Here: