Music Videos From Indian Underground And The Story Behind Their Making

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Underground artists put in a lot of work behind every music video released by them. Seldom do we understand the efforts made by the whole team to pull off a music video that is cherished by their fans. Desi Hip Hop brings to you a list of 10 refreshing music videos from the Indian Underground and the story behind their making.

‘Kadki’ – D’Evil

Bombay veteran D’Evil has released a streak of music videos that are out of the box. The music video for his single ‘Kadki’ shows the everyday life of a Mumbaikar. The video is shot and edited by Kedar and Jeet, along with co-direction from D’Evil. Shot at Dadar in Birdman style, ‘Kadki’ is a one of a kind music video that deserves all the props!

‘One Kid’ – Big Deal

Bangalore rapper Big Deal is out with his debut EP ‘One Kid With A Dream’ this year and he recently released the much-awaited music video for the track ‘One Kid’ from it. Big Deal along with Bishmen Write and team shot the video in three different locations. Where the artist was born i.e. Puri, Darjeeling where he finished his schooling and Bangalore where he started his music career. It took him four months from pre to post production, but Big Deal says the journey has been worth it!

‘Sunnlo Gal’ – Kru172

Chandigarh’s hottest rap crew Kru172 have been no less than pioneers in the music video biz in Indian hip hop underground. Nottotune and Lucky have been making music videos since almost a decade now, and that experience shows in every video they release. Their video ‘Sunnlo Gal’ was shot in a funfair at Chandigarh, and was actually executed before the artists were even done with the final recording. How impressive is that?

’16 Adiyanthiram’ – Street Academics

Very few rap crews in India would collectively execute a gory video like this one. Being as awesome as they are, Kerala’s very own Street Academics created this masterpiece. ‘16 Adiyanthiram’ was shot in a span of four days and the shoot was split between three locations. A space of the crew’s friend, Kaffee Braun in Calicut, and the Calicut Medical College. The struggle of getting the properties, creating fake blood and organs are some of the memories they remember from the making.

‘Seedhe Maut Anthem’ – Seedhe Maut

Delhi rap duo Seedhe Maut released their debut music video as a crew recently. MC Calm and Encore A.B.J. describe the whole process as a learning step, as the video took them a good 3 months to be finished. During which they faced some technical issues, as a result of which the video is completely black and white. Shot and edited by Inflict, Seedhe Maut anthem is produced by Sez.

‘HEAL’ – Kav-E

Another Bombay veteran who has given a one of kind music video is Lester Cardoz a.k.a. Kav-E. The video for his track ‘HEAL’ seems to be inspired by Cartoons and Cereal’ by Kendrick Lamar. Nikhil Vaiude has single-handedly executed the whole video, with very little resources. Believe it or not, the entire video has been shot in a single room, with production cost as low as NIL.

‘Rapper Lunch’ – A-List and Poetik Justis

Bombay rappers A-List and Poetik Justis teamed up to make this awesome conceptual music video. Known for their savage bars, both the emcees went ham on the track. In addition to Kav-E‘s ‘HEAL’, Nikhil Vaiude has worked his magic once more with ‘Rapper Lunch’. The video shows both the artists ready to eat up whack rappers, quite literally! The video was shot at A-List‘s crib in Mumbai itself.

‘Chaar Logo Ki Baatein’ – Dee MC

Dee MC from Aamchi Mumbai released ‘Chaar Logo Ki Baatein’ in 2015. After entering a program called the YouTube Outreach Program, Dee MC uploaded her video Kal’ as an entry. This was selected among 20 other artists across India, and YouTube India themselves made the video of CLKB for her. The 48 Hour Film Project team from Mumbai pulled off the video.

Surely there are more videos that deserve to be on this list. Share your music video’s backstory with us! Comment with links below.