“My Music Is Based On How I Feel At That Moment In Time” TaZzZ | Exclusive Interview


UK-based hip-hop artist TaZzZ dropped his debut album “Epic Dreams” last month. The album is being praised by the audience because of the emotions that TaZzZ has successfully added to the project. Tracks like “Ayaan“, “Jannat” and “Teardrops” were already out and became hits. TaZzZ’s way of telling stories through music is impeccable. He recently dropped the video of “Failure” which features Jay Kadn.

Artists like Guru Lahori, Mohan SinghRaxstarPreeti Menon, and many others earned a slot on “Epic Dreams”. To talk further about the album, we decided to talk to TaZzZ personally. Here is how our chat went with him.

San Cha: When And How Did You Decide To Create An Album Like “Epic Dreams”?

TaZzZ: My dream has always been to release an album. When I was done with it, I wanted to make sure that it sounds sonically correct while making sense. I didn’t want to just make loads of songs and put them together in an album, I had to be physically and mentally ready. Previously, I have released loads of singles but I wanted to put out a full body of work. Before the release of my song “Ayaan”, I was sure that it was time for an album.

I had been working continuously on “Epic Dreams” for over 3 years and I feel very proud of what I have achieved. Being an independent artist and doing everything on my own was not easy. It’s my debut album and it holds a very special place in my heart, I have literally poured my soul into it. It’s been an unforgettable journey in the process of making it but Insha Allah all the hard work will pay off.

San Cha: Are There Any Music Producers, Writers Or Sound Engineers Involved In The Production Of This Album?

TaZzZ: I recorded, engineered, produced, wrote, mixed & mastered 90% of my album. Being a rapper & a producer while having my own studio at home, makes me very accessible to work and I don’t need to depend or rely on anyone. I am very clear how I want my sound to be, I have always stuck by my vision and expressed my emotions freely but I wanted to have a different element on the album too. Personally, I wanted to work alongside artists who shared the same vision and were on the same wavelength as me. So, I chose 2 producers to be involved who I believe are exceptionally versatile and incredibly talented, Irfan Chaudhry & Rimshox.

As you know, Irfan is from Pakistan and is the producer behind “Ayaan” & “Jannat”. On the other hand, I had Rimshox from the UK who produced Epic Dreams (Title Track), “Failure” & “Crying Out”. I truly appreciate their input & energy towards “Epic Dreams”. It was really a pleasure working with them and you’ll be hearing more from us together in the near future for sure. I produced the songs “Pardes”, “Sazaa”, “Teardrops”, and “Maahiya” and also did some additional production on “Crying Out”.

San Cha: Put Some Light On Your Favourite Tracks From The Album.

TaZzZ: That’s a difficult one to answer, man! I love them all otherwise they wouldn’t be on the album. They all play an integral part of my story, experiences and merged beautifully together.

San Cha: What Is Your Process Of Creating A Track?

TaZzZ: I don’t have a set way of making music as it’s all based on how I feel at that moment in time. I work very spontaneously, sometimes I wake up at 4 am with an idea that takes me into my zone. At times, I might see something and be inspired by it. For me, it’s all about the right energy. I never put myself under pressure as I want my music to feel very natural and organic.

San Cha: Are There Any Leftover Tracks That Unfortunately Didn’t Get A Slot On Your Album?

TaZzZ: Yes! There were a few tracks that didn’t make the final track list. I just felt they didn’t fit right for the “Epic Dreams” sound that I was going for as a whole, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be hearing them in the near future.

San Cha: Your Choice Of Topics For Your Tracks Is Different From The Market. What Effects Your Decision Of Picking A Topic?

TaZzZ: Firstly, I don’t compare myself with anyone as I don’t just randomly pick topics and make a song about it. For me, the most important thing is to keep it real and relatable. I go with my gut instinct and when I strongly believe in something, I express it through my music. You shouldn’t care about what others may think. You should always follow your heart and do what you think feels right, that’s always been my motto in life. I try my best to uplift and motivate myself before anyone else through my music.

It has to make me feel good, I make music for my soul and it’s always a beautiful feeling when your music touches a nerve and connects with millions around the world without you even knowing them. I always aim to make timeless music that I could listen back to 10, 20 years later.

San Cha: “Epic Dreams” Is Being Appreciated. What Are Your Future Plans After This Album?

TaZzZ: I’ve worked extremely hard in making my Epic Dreams come true, the response has been absolutely phenomenal and I’m so grateful for the love & support my album has been receiving around the world. I have loads of new projects in the pipeline which I can’t wait to share with you all. I’ll be embarking on a new journey very soon, I’m excited & looking forward to it. Watch this space!

San Cha: Any Message For Your Fans?

TaZzZ: Thank you for all your love & continued support. If it wasn’t for you I couldn’t have turned my Epic Dreams into reality. Thank you for standing by me and believing in me.

“Epic Dreams” by TaZzZ is available on every digital music distribution platform. Physical copies are available on his website.

Watch the video of “Failure” by TaZzZ featuring Jay Kadn here: