#SlyckReview Musafir – StreetFood ft. Harsha

StreetFood is a new producer-duo from Kolkata. They just released their first track called, ‘Musafir‘ and it is probably one of the best examples of how one can make progressive hip-hop music. This is the second time I came across ‘Folk rap’, my first encounter was when I came across Feyago’s music.


Musafir‘ also features another rapper from Kolkata, Harsha, who is currently residing in Pennsylvania. It is good to see that this crew is not afraid to experiment with their sound and that too in their very first release. The track oscillates between a progressive new school sound and a more acoustic folk vibe. In a genre which is inclined towards a bass-oriented sound and has been dominated for the past few years with trap fused elements, it is really refreshing to listen to something out of the box.

Harsha is on the first verse and that verse is straight fire. Harsha has got bars and you got to listen to his content to understand why I called his verse fire. The first and the second verse is separated by a great chorus which sounds soothing and it has just the right amount of autotune without making it sound corny or cheesy. Cizzy comes in with a dope Bengali verse, his flow and delivery are on point and I wish I understood Bengali so that I could make a comment on his content but I am sure that Cizzy does not cater weak content.

The track is honestly dope and I will be on the look out for more of their music. I honestly do wish if they made a video for this track. Anyhow check out the track right here: