Musafir – AJ Bhargava (Video)


Every day we have Desi Rap coming out from every corner and amongst them is AJ Bhargava who is trying to make his mark. He drops his track ‘Musafir‘ and it is better than a lot of music coming out these days. This one man team has been dropping music regularly and this might be one of his better track till date.


The track carries a story and a unique meaning. He talks about his life as a journey and he is the ‘Musafir‘ which literally translates to the ‘Traveller‘. He reflects his decisions, friends, grind and pretty much everything that he has put heart towards. The composition is sick but at times the auto-tuned hook sounds fruity but that is just my opinion. The production is simple, melodious and accompanies the content fairly well but sounds a little empty at a few places, maybe a few more elements could have been used. What impresses me is that AJ Bhargava has produced and recorded the track entirely by himself.

It is imperative for an upcoming artist to know his way around the studio. AJ knows more than basic production and mixing and he can easily achieve the sound he is looking for by tweaking out the unneeded elements.

Check out the track right here :