Mumbais Finest invites you celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi ‘Bappa Morya’


We rather make the tracks for the streets than clubs” said Ace from Mumbais Finest, the crew which just dropped the massive Ganesh Chaturthi anthem, “Bappa Morya“. Ace also went ahead to mention, “that there is no need that an anthem is always meant for clubs, every club banger is the same with booze, women and everything bling.

mumbais finest bappa morya

The track is a progressive upbeat street anthem with a very signature Mumbai sound to it. There is an amalgamation of the native Maharashtrian Dhol, Tassha and Shank along with an infectious electro sound it. My personal favourite section of the track was the drop in which they encapsulated the Tutari and backed it up with powerful bassline. The track is produced by D-Hood and he has done exceptional justice to the sound.

My academic pursuit has got me to Bombay and the atmosphere in the city is absolutely electric around this time of the year. Mumbais Finest has only added to the vibe with this release. It is only appropriate that the first crew from Mumbai dedicate an ode to the festival which the entire city considers so close to their hearts. The crew is working on some new music and I have got to say that it is humbling to see the sincerity in their efforts. As a crew they have attained a very distinct and mature sound and YOU ALREADY KNOW about their following.

The group is right now making new music as a unit and also focusing on Individual projects with the involvement of the crew. Diefferent who was formerly known as Kinga Rhymes has a side project, ‘Last Ride Home‘ and they will be releasing a new track, ‘Living life for a cause‘. Diefferent has always been looking to experiment with new sounds and satisfy a listener in the process.


Diefferent went on to express the significance of this release, “It has been in planning for quite some time, we were occupied with various releases and our album, ‘Mumbai Till I Die’. Like always we have represented Mumbai and lately we have started incorporating traditional Mumbai elements. The Ganpatti season is of high significance to the Bombay Culture and we knew have to make anthem for the Visarjan.

Mumbais Finest also pass the following message to all the readers, “Bappa Morya is a special release for Ganesh Chaturthi by Mumbai’s Finest. It is a visarjan banger made for the streets and mixes the dhol, tasha sound with electronic elements. This is an audio release only, we shall shoot the video on the 16th of Sept 2016 for the visarjan of‘ Vakolacha Raja’ at Vakola, Santacruz East, Mumbai. We would request everyone to join us for the celebrations and to be a part of the video.