Mumbai’s Best Hip-Hop Crews You Need To Check Out!


Mumbai city is known for some of the best rappers in the desi hip-hop scene. Mumbai has very talented yet good rappers as compared to other cities. These rappers started their journey by forming a team or a crew. Some are still there and some are not.

Let’s Check Out Mumbai’s Hip-hop Crews Here:

1. Mumbai’s Finest

Mumbai’s Finest is the first hip-hop crew from Mumbai city. This hip-hop crew comprises of emcees, rappers, producers, beatboxer, and b-Boys. This crew has been making music independently since 2006.

Members of this crew are Ace aka Mumbai, Diefferent, formerly known as KingaRhymes, Ninja, I’n’Stine, and D- Hood.

2.Gully Gang

Gully Gang is in the second position. This crew has become everyone’s favourite in a short duration of time. This crew comprises of Divine and Joel D’souza.

The crew mainly narrates the tales of the people that they have grown up observing since childhood and paying homage to the characteristics of the Mumbai city.

3. Dreamteam

Dreamteam is on the next position. Members of this crew are Dhaval Parab,  professionally known as D’evil,

Ankur Johar who goes by the stage name Enkore, DJ Blunt, Wide Octave who produces their music, DJ Sinister, and Kedar Amburle handles the direction of music videos.

4. SlumGods

SlumGods is a collective of talented hip-hop artists from Mumbai. This crew is known for using hip-hop to bridge the gap between chaos to creativity.

SlumGods is an initiative to spread the culture and showcase the positive side of Dharavi.

5. Swadesi

Swadesi is a group of young emcees, producers, DJ’s, and graffiti artists that aim to bring about a change through their art and music. They believe that the future of our country lies in the hands of the youth, empowered with the idea of “Swadesi” that means embracing all Indian things.

The crew has five emcees-  Mawali, Tod Fod, Mayavi, Sarkar, 100RBH. Lobster is a graffiti artist, Raakshas handles the production and is a Dj too and Naar is the producer. Griz Baba is a beatboxer.

6. Dopeadelicz

This crew is also considered one of the best hip-hop crews from Mumbai city. The crew members of Dopeadelicz are Tony Sebastian, Rajesh Radhakrishnan, K9, and Denny.

Out of four, only Tony Sebastian and Rajesh Radhakrishnan are active. The crew has also performed for TV shows like GiMA as well.