‘Mumbai Till I Die’ By Mumbai’s Finest Proves That “Mumbai Is The Name And Bombay Is Just A Feeling”.


Mumbai Till I Die-Mumabi's Finest-Mumbai Rappers Image

Mumbai’s Finest are one of the most respected and one of the longest running desi hip-hop crews. They have been doing it from the time when most of these Mumbai rappers were busy in completing their homeworks. They have worked with acts like A R Rahman, SanamJonita GandhiShraddha Sharma, Salim-Sulaiman and many others. Abhishek Dhusia aka Ace aka MumbaiSahir Nawab aka Diefferent and Sumeet D Suvarna aka Nasty Ninja have delivered a dope sound.

Recently, Mumbai’s Finest released the video of ‘Mumbai Till I Die‘. In addition,’Mumbai Till I Die’ was shot at the 4th Edition of Planet RadioCity Freedom Awards. ‘Mumbai Till I Die’ features 2 time Red Bull BC One Champion, BBoy Flying Machine. He was featured along with Bboy Sonic and BBoy Wild Child from the Beast Mode Crew. Ace asked everyone about the existing name of their city, Mumbai, by giving them two choices: Bombay or Mumbai.

Kevin Rathod has handled the cinematography impressively. Abhishek, on the other hand, has edited the video brilliantly. Equally important, Nasty Ninja and Diefferent have produced ‘Mumbai Till I Die’ amazingly. Puma India sponsored the clothing and Qyuki Music has powered the music video. This is the title track of their album, ‘Mumbai Till I Die‘. When I asked Ace about the concept of the track, he suggested: “Mumbai is the name, Bombay just a feeling/It may sound the same, but bombay is the meaning (demeaning)”.

The track shows Mumbai’s Finest’s love for their city. Each verse is tight but to an extent only. This is not the best that Mumbai’s Finest have delivered but this nowhere less. ‘Mumbai Till I Die’ is available on every major digital music distribution platform and is secured with copyrights.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Bande kharab hain, Dhandey haraam ke,
Paani sharaab hai, Paisa insaaf hai.
Phir bhi jaan ek aas hai, ek khwaab hai”

Watch the music video of ‘Mumbai Till I Die’ by Mumbai’s Finest here:

Their last release was ‘What You Talkin’ Bout‘. This was their second release in a week after ‘The City‘ which featured Cash Kardz, Shah Rule and Slyck from 2 Shadez and both of their releases were brilliant. They’re the pioneers of hip-hop music in Mumbai, India and deserves respect from everyone.