Mumbai, Get Ready To Get Bhaari!


The Bhaari Scene campaign started by the Slumgods member, Poetik Justis, aimed at providing kids at the Dharavi After-School of Hip-Hop with new shoes so that they could learn the skills of breaking to the fullest extent. The crowd funding project was backed by the NGO Wishberry and received donations from over. As a result, the project reached it’s mark really quickly and even Raftaar made a contribution to the noble cause.

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On the other hand, to celebrate this milestone, the team has organized the Bhaari Scene Jam. The jam featured performances from the Dopeadelicz crew, Ace from Mumbai’s FinestDreamTeam (Enkore & D’EVIL), Elsewhere (Kav-e / EMF Elsewhere / X-CentriK / Poetik Justis) and the jam is being headlined by SlumGods and the SlumGods Kids representing Hip hop Mumbai.

 “Bhaari Scene Jam marks the beginning of a bigger movement in which we will see emcees and other people inside of Hip-Hop culture in our country reaching out to their communities and giving back through the power of music, dance and expression. This is the day when everyone will know that we as artists can most positively create change around us and make a difference.” – Poetik Justis 

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This 28th of May is definitely going to be a milestone in the Desi Hip-Hop culture. Kids will be presented with new shoes and the crowd vibes to the sounds and culture of Indian Hip-Hop the whole evening. However, there is no entry fees so cancel your plans and tune in to an evening filled with Indian Hip-Hop with a noble cause.

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