Muhfaad | ‘Sab Mazze Mein’ (Video)



Desi Music Factory has been supporting a few artists for a while now, and Muhfaad is one of those names. His first track with them was ‘Aji Mera Ghanta‘ which came out as a banger and they’re back again with ‘Sab Mazze Mein‘. He is famous for handling everything on his own. He has written, performed, produced and programmed the track himself and what he finally delivered is simply brilliant. Mynk has shot and directed the video for this track which was then edited by NJ Art and later colourized by Funkaar.

Muhfaad is known for using words that are used on a day to day basis. ‘Sab Mazze Mein’ is all about his experience in the music scene and with his life in general. He talks about the things that were holding him down and how he has been experiencing some positive changes in his career lately. The way he rode the beat is worth checking out as the placement of rhymes at different places gave birth to an interesting flow.

Watch ‘Sab Mazze Mein’ by Muhfaad here: