Muhfaad – Aji Mera Ghanta (Video)

Desi Music Factory has been recruiting artists. Their recent release from Pardhaan is still getting a huge response, they are looking to capitalise and sustain the momentum by releasing back to back music and their latest attempt is ‘Aji Mera Ghanta’ by Muhfaad.


The track is pretty good and seems to have a subliminal message, we will come to that later. There is no doubt that Muhfaad can spit, in fact, he has one of the meanest flows from the Northern part of the country. Exemplary punches in a very compactly structured verse along with a very Delhi flavoured sense of wit sprinkled throughout the track make this track an earworm kind of track.

While the lyrics and content of the track leave you amazed, the music on the other hand, well not so much. It is a fairly basic beat with little variation in the synths used and may leave the listener a little bored. I have heard Muhfaad rap over his own produced beats previously and he has done much better in terms of production in his previous projects. His verse has shout-outs to a few major players of the game including Sikander Kahlon and his label owner Tony Kakkar.

Now coming to who he might be targeting on the track. To be fairly honest I do not have a concrete answer but everyone aware of the scene can make a calculated guess. I only wanted to review the track and not stir up any sort of controversy.

Anyway check out this track right here :