#MTBK…Bohemia……Lazarus….Only a few days left

Well a few of us are honestly confused if we are more excited about the ‘New Year‘ or ‘The Collaboration of the New Year‘. You can only expect bombs for bars when the best in English collaborates with the best in Punjabi.

The video trailer is already out and the full form of MTBK has already been deciphered and is ‘Mundeyan Toh Bach Ke‘. The following banner has also surfaced on social media and this has only increased the excitement. The banner has Bohemia and Lazarus posting back to back along with the release date of the collaboration which is 3rd January 2017.


Though Bohemia has collaborated with a very diverse range of artists but MTBK seems to be the most anticipated for. There will be a whole bunch of articles and exclusive interview right after the release so hold on to your horses for now.