‘Move Your Body’ – DJ Shadow (Dubai), Sean Paul & Badshah (Video)


This right here could be the collaboration of the year. Badshah, Sean Paul and DJ Shadow (Dubai) can expect several spins for this massive drop.


The track oscillates between a progressive club vibe and reggaeton and as predicted in the article for the teaser the track is purely aimed at the mainstream. Sean Paul who is known as an international beast for his work in reggae and dancehall rocked his trademark style in this track and DJ Shadow’s production will get your feet tapping on a Friday night after a drink or two………….or maybe a few.

The teaser already set the standards very high for the video and now we’ve seen the whole thing, it’s flamboyant to say the least. The video is oozing with hot women and anything and everything bling. Their was a lot of commercial bullshit in the name of music this year, this however is way better a lot of that music.

Check this out and let me know what do you think –