Move Your Body – DJ Shadow Dubai, Sean Paul, Badshah (Teaser)


Just when everyone thought that the Year is coming to an end everything was done, Badshah decided to rattle things up with what could possibly be the one of the biggest collaborations of the year if not the biggest collaboration of the year.


Badshah teamed up with Sean Paul and DJ Shadow Dubai for a track called, ‘Move Your Body‘. The 15 second teaser only tells you that Badshah and Sean Paul are on the hook which goes like ‘Aaagey Peechey…..Move Your Body…..Daaye Baayein……Move Your Body‘ and judging by that it seems the track is oriented for commercial play. It is difficult to say much about the track as it is just a mere 15 second clip but the video looks like it is going to be epic. DJ Shadow Dubai has taken care of the production and it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

Their is no official release date for the track but it should be out soon and this will be releasing on Zee Music Company.

Till then check out the trailer below on YouTube –