Mob D Representing The G-Funk Tribe Of Rap Music In ‘Mastermind’

Deepak Negi who goes by the stage name Mob D is a Dehradun-based hip-hop artist and associated with a crew called ‘Verbalord Music’. The crew also includes Candid Nib and Vibrant V. Mob released his latest track called ‘Mastermind’ which is produced by Syko Beats. The mixing and mastering of the track are done by SEMMI and Vibrant directed the video. Abhishek Sailani handled the VFX part of the track and Rohcent Vemp designed the poster for the same.

The rapper is highly inspired by 2Pac, Biggie, Nas,  Jay-z, Emcee Juice, Supernatural and Big L. In the rap scene, everyone is talking about the money and heartbreak. In this track, they picture the G-Funk tribe of rap music. The vibe of real hip-hop is necessary to spread the knowledge. He spat bars like “Aye yo mister, Teri bandi kare garm mera bistar”. Through this track, he wants to raise the hip-hop scene in his city and wants to take his city on the top.

Listen To ‘Mastermind’ By Mob D Here: