Missed Element’s Launch Party At Delhi? Don’t Worry Here’s How It Went Down.

Elements, presented by Sound & The City and DesiHipHop.com, was launched on February 24, 2017,  at the Summer House Cafe, Aurobindo Market, Hauz Khas in Delhi. This hip-hop night was partnered by big names in the music business like Saavn for music streaming, Radio One for radio promotions, Bedlam for visuals, Dada as a label partner and Performers’ Consortium acted as artist partner.

This event was meant to be the biggest hip-hop night ever organised in Delhi and the plan was to bring some of the less known but deserving artists in front of the crowd. Elements’ vision came intro reality when DJ Karma opened up the set for every hip-hop head who was present in the building and within a few minutes, the whole place knew what they were about to witness. Here is how the event went down.

Mo Styles was the master of ceremonies for the night. Divya Dureja was the first act to entertain the crowd with her splendid slam poetry. ‘Delhi Meri Jaan‘ was a piece of her poetry which as the title recommends was about the life of Delhi. A good story needs a good storyteller and there’s no doubt that her style of conveying her thoughts is not usual but has a great connect. A good artist like her is meant to be praised and that’s how the crowd treated her.

The Capital Crew (TCC) went next and were the first hip-hop music performers of the night. Susazi grabbed the control over the console and started to play for his crew. Splash and Monti involved the crowd with their style of hip-hop and this was the first time that I saw people headbanging on hip-hop music like they do while listening to heavy metal or rock. Their tracks like ‘Malana Manali‘, ‘Proper‘, ‘Fire‘ and others were highly enjoyed by the crowd. They look like bandits yet their discipline towards their music and a feeling of appreciation towards the crowd is momentous.


Khatarnaak Crew took over the stage next and B-boys were all over the place doing some best locking and popping in the nation at this moment. Some of the people in the crowd were doing reverse somersaults, air-flairs, windmills and whatnot in front of the stage to enjoy a bit differently while keeping the spirit of hip-hop alive. Sun J went in performing his famous single ‘Kameena Mode On‘, ‘Bhaad Mei Jao‘ etc. accompanied by his crew who performed tracks like ‘Late Night‘ later. They conveyed the most lively act that night and everybody who was there will concur with me.

DJ Karma took over the console again and played some of the dopest hip-hop tracks to keep the crowd in the mood. People were dancing, freestyling, lip-syncing with whatever he was playing and his performance was slowly transited into the hands of DJ Panic. Mo Styles announced that Big Deal is coming next and I knew what was going to happen. ‘Look Upto‘ was used to create some vibes for the crowd which was followed by ‘I Hate You‘, ‘One Kid‘ and others. As soon as he left, the crowd gathered to buy his EP and that’s enough to give you an idea of how his performance was.

Sajeel Kapoor aka Sez is often mentioned as the best hip-hop producer in the country and the people who follow desi hip-hop music closely are well aware of the type of performance he has delivered in the past with his fellow Prabh Deep. As they say “History repeats itself” and that’s what happened. I especially want to mention that Prabh was booed by a random girl before he even started to perform but they way he tackled the situation earned my respect. He announced that his next video is coming out soon and his faith in Delhi turned to be satisfactory for him that night.

Elements’ have taken the initiative of bringing the underground artists up by providing them with a bigger audience and a larger number of viewers. This event will be organised regularly for the hip-hop heads at different locations in the country.