Mike Tyson Throws Lyrical Punches At Soulja Boy


HOLY FU**ING SHIT. This beef is getting weirder day by day. in case you didn’t know Soulja Boy and Chris Brown have been going back and forth on their respective social medias because Soulja Boy apparently ‘Liked’ Chris Brown’s ex’s picture. This beef took a surprisingly great turn when 50 Cent decided to put both these artists in a ring.Mike Tyson Throws Lyrical Punches At Soulja Boy


This is going to be a boxing match between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown which is due this March. Not only this, these artists also have celebrity trainers in their corner. With Soulja Boy being trained by Floyd Mayweather and Chris Brown being trained by none other than Iron Mike Tyson.

You thought this was it?

Iron Mike Tyson decided to jump on the mike coming out with one of the corniest but funniest dMike Tyson Throws Lyrical Punches At Soulja Boyisses ever.
“If you show up it’s going down
I’m going teach him how to knock his ass out”
With decent bars (Better than Soulja Boy) Tyson lyrically killed him. Period
This is getting a lot of hype and to be really honest it deserves more. In what seems to be one of the best celebrities boxing matches the bets are already placed.
Iron Mike Tyson also decided to parody the way Soulja Boy was robbed live on Instagram and in the video we see girl power to the max doing it.
This is definitely going down.

Watch the diss here: