Mika Singh Just Ruined Hip-Hop By His Weak Tupac Tribute #Rant

Question : How could you kill someone who is already dead for 16 years?

Answer : Just ask Mika Singh, who recently tried to switch styles and venture into Hip-Hop by the use of his broken English.

Mika Singh is known for many things and has throughout his career expressed love for Hip-Hop but his recent drop ‘All Eyez On Me‘ pushes Desi Hip-Hop back. After spending 2 hours before my semester exams on trying to figure out the lyrics for this project all I concluded was that Mika’s English is so broke you can’t sell that shit on OLX.


This project dropped in light of the new ‘All Eyez on Me’  movie about the life of the great legend Tupac. According to the Zee Music Company, this is a tribute to Tupac, What is funny is not once throughout the 3 minute 38-second music video there was no clip of the real Tupac but just the actor who will be portraying Tupac in his biopic. The music video is ignorant towards the whole concept of the song , the video has guns, girls, cars, jewellery, liquor and twerk basically everything Tupac was not known for.

To quote the description of the video.

“King Mika Singh is very well known for his versatility towards music. He has entered into the international music industry with his new song “2 Shots” where Mika Singh will pay a tribute to one of the most iconic Hollywood Hip-Hop artist Tupac Shakur. This song will be used for promotions in India for the film, “All Eyez On Me” which is set to release on 16th of June, 2017 and the song will be out all over the world on 9th of June, 2017. ” 

Mika Singh-All Eyez On Me Image

The fact that this track will be played all over to promote this movie is bad for the Desi Hip-Hop scene. Also in a disaster, everyone has to be blamed, rappers Luv Gupta, Heera and Priya did a terrific job destroying the culture of Hip-Hop and not showing up on the music video.

Mika Singh-Tupac Image

But here is the positive part and something good about the entire fucking project. This drop is actually great for our country. How? Well, the audio could definitely be used as an interrogation method against criminals.

Where is Daler Mehndi when you need him?