Mika Singh Is Embarrassing Himself And Hip-Hop

If you think the only thing worse than ‘All Eyez On Me’ was the track, ‘2 shots’ made by Mika Singh for the promotion of the movie. You were wrong. His explanation for the track sets a new benchmark. The only thing which Mika Singh does successfully through this explanation is embarras himself and also the entire genre. He took a piss on Tupac’s legacy and what makes it apologetic is that he does not even know it.

Before you go ahead, have a look at the video and kindly download it as I am sure it might be getting deleted soon.

As per the interview, it was Drake who collaborated with Tupac for the track ‘California Love’. Mika is so ignorant that he calls Dr.Dre…Drake. While promoting the track he reveals the story behind the name of his tracks and continues with the theme of idiotic and unawareness saying that he calls the track ‘2 Shots’ as Tupac was shot twice (Shakur was struck by four .40 calibre rounds fired from a Glock). He also says that Tupac was shot by Biggie which is still a debate in the US but hey, if Mika the Hip-Hop Superman of India said it then it must be true. His facts are worse than his broken English and he should think about collaborating with Inzamam-ul-haq for his next track. Mika Singh Songs have mainly used in Bollywood industry.The highlight of the interview was when he said that Tupac was 21 in 1995 and he died at 26 hence as per Mathematics, Tupac died in the year 2000. Well, you cannot expect much from a man whose primary listeners are drunk farmers and idiotic stereotypes North Indians.

This interview is a clear proof that originality, common sense and elementary mathematics are just mere myths for Mika. I would not be surprised if he quotes ‘Smooching Rakhi Sawant’ underachievements in his Resume.