‘Mharo Jodhpur’ by J19 Squad Portrays A Culture!


Well, everyone is familiar with the hip-hop duo, J19 Squad. They are native of Jodhpur, Rajasthan and consists of rappers Young H & PK Nimbark. Rappers originating from the North-Western part of India is a very big thing as hip-hop culture is not that well penetrated in that region of the country. But with time all things undergo a change, so is the change in taste of music pertaining to that region especially.

J19 Squad were like any other rappers or crew, new to the whole underground scene and in the beginning. They were competing with all other new rappers to make their identity. After releasing a few tracks and a few years down the line, they have made their mark on the industry. Their crew name is a reference from where they belong, with J standing for ‘Jodhpur’ and 19 is their city code.

J19 Squad released ‘Mharo Jodhpur‘ recently and it is a completely Rajasthani track. Pankaj Nimbark and Young H brought Jagirdar RV & Sumsa Supari on this track to change the dimensions of the audio. Video, on the other hand, is also one of a kind. Beautiful locations surely grabs the attention as Dhruv Sankhala has shot some amazing shots with the use Drones. Young H himself produced the track and his post-production is simply breathtaking. ‘Mharo Jodhpur’ has earned almost 1,50,000 views on YouTube so far.

Significant lyrics from the track:

“Shehar mharo Jodhpur,
Aa nagri hai kismat waalo ri”

Watch ‘Mharo Jodhpur’ by J 19 Squad here: