‘Mehnat’ By Brutas And Prolific Is All About Motivation And Hardwork


Jalandhar-based hip-hop artist Brutas recently collaborated with Prolific, a Chandigarh-based artist. They created the track ‘Mehnat‘ which is all about hard work. It is about the journey towards your goals and the various problems you face during this period. The track is created by InfinityHe also did the mixing and mastering of the track.

The track started with a hook, “Apne hi dende sath na, Jad hundi lod/ Chaddo na honsla karo mehnat har pal, Ajj ya kal twanu mil juga fal .” In this Brutas talks about his personal experiences that he faced till now. When no one was there for him when he needed them expect his mother.

Prolific, on the other hand, talks about the brighter side of this world. He aims at the positive outcomes you should learn from that comes from your life.“Khedega khed tahi tan sikhega, Labega Raah tan ta kuch dikhega/ Hovega tazurba tahi tan tikega, pawien hove na kagaaz par prolific tan likhega.”

The message is clear, never lose hope and work hard. One day you will become successful.

Listen ‘Mehnat’ By Brutas And Prolific Here: