Meet One of India’s First Female Graffiti Artist ‘Dizy’

Graffiti is considered as one of the main elements of Hip-Hop culture. Said to have evolved from the art forms like ‘Pictography’ etc, graffiti has its evidence on the walls of ancient Egypt and Rome. It became popular with Hip-Hop culture in the early 90’s as they were more attractive and expressive than the paintings painted on a canvas.

Unlike other countries, the laws related with Graffiti in India are more intense. Decorating the walls without the consent of the owner is illegal and is a federal offence. Still, this art form is growing at an impressive rate in India and one can witness these pieces on the streets easily.

Kajal Singh AKA dIZY
In a world where Graffiti is illegal, being anonymous is the best solution for an artist. Kajal Singh who is considered as the first Indian female Graffiti artist to get the recognition worldwide goes by her pseudonym Dizy. She is a fervent painter, a Hip-Hop enthusiast, a Hip-Hop dancer and a fitness blogger as well. Dizy is currently living in Berlin, Germany. An artist who is 22-years old and has already done pieces that many professionals can’t even try. Her work and interests are appreciated by her family as her brother is a Graffiti artist who goes by the name Komet and her mother has also been a painter throughout her life.

She has been a part of the 2nd International Graffiti and Hip Hop Project team in 2014 and depicted the famous jump of Conrad Schumann across the Berlin Wall from East to West Germany. This event was arranged by Hip-Hop Stützpunkt of Berlin and the German consulate to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

She was introduced to Hip-Hop music when she was in Delhi as a student and it promptly left a positive impact on her. Her interest in Graffiti grew more when she jammed with several Hip-Hop groups in Europe and learned more about the art form. The rebellious behaviour of teenage met with the element of being independent and that’s how her journey towards finding her own identity took a flight. She chose to name herself ‘Dizy’ with a single ‘z’ because this word stands for being ‘mad’. She was doing Graffiti in India at that time so it completely blended with her vision.

“Indians don’t think of Graffiti as a menace”

Dizy aka Kajal Shah
She admits that people living in rural parts of any country are more open when it comes to giving permissions for decorating their walls with beautiful colors. She has a different opinion related to Graffiti when it comes to India. “Indians don’t think of graffiti as a menace the way some other countries do because it’s a novel experience for them to see a whole wall covered in bright colours and art. In Europe, it’s not new anymore and not many people see graffiti as art or appreciate it.” she said in an interview.

Her pieces are mainly influenced by old school Hip-Hop culture and its font styles. She has collaborated with her brother on several pieces and loves to do pieces in Mumbai and Delhi as the people in these two cities are more open towards the culture.