Media Surmises Hip-Hop As The Embolden Of Crimes!

Media plays an important role in making or breaking of any society or culture. What effect will it leave after it comes out depends on the knowledge about the matter. That brings us back to the famous saying “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. Talking about Hip Hop in India, Indian media has developed an opinion already. They see hip-hop as a commercially-fancy genre which objectifies women.

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Have you ever seen any report of an underground artist on mainstream news channels or on mainstream news papers?

The answer is probably, No. We have seen the articles only on some local or regional papers but not on National ones. This portrays the picture of mainstream media which lacks the true knowledge of the whole new culture which actually exists. According to mainstream media, the growth rate of crime is high due to the vulgarity shown in hip hop music videos.

I would like to ask them what they know about this culture?

I am damn sure if I’ll ask them to name a few artists from the culture, all they will know would be mainstream names while putting some light on the “Crime rate is in hike due to music videos thing”. If this is the case, Bollywood would have been already banned years ago.

There are many independent, underground artists out there who are just giving messages and taking Hip Hop in India to the next level by creating good hip hop music. A message for the betterment of the society without getting any reward in return. When such talent gains fame and start entertaining the mass for his/her livelihood, delivering what audience demads , media backfires on them. Its not the artist to be blamed its on the listners how they seek what knowledge from it.