MC Snub Release His Brand New Song ‘Do Waqt Ki Roti’

Recently, MC Snub has released a song titled ‘Do Waqt Ki Roti’. MC Snub doesn’t need any introduction as he is well-known to the audience after the release of his song ‘Breaking Point’ which came out a few years back. Hailing from New Delhi, he started rapping from his college days.

Do waqt ki roti

Now, the track is all about the problems that a rapper faces when he joins the rap industry, it is not like what the general public perceives. You release a song and you are settled for the rest of your life, instead what it demands from the artist is an immense sacrifice. Plus, in our society, there is a conception that if you somehow want to pursue anything in the music industry you are stopped and asked a question as to how will you earn bread for you and your family. Hence, the title of the song.

MC Snub brilliantly puts a stop to all these questions through his song and says that he has enough talent and caliber in himself that he will be able to sustain himself. He goes on to say that people should not bother as to what others are saying and should focus on their interest because people are bound to say something or the other even if you do what they want you to do because it is in our society nature to criticise even if you have done nothing wrong. He goes on to say that he will sing till that time when the society understands rap and hip-hop music and change its perspective about this art. He says that he will succeed and that he will make his parents proud who have been a constant support in his journey through this industry.

He says live your life in a certain care freeway but with certain limitations. Live your life like it is a car that you have stolen. And, to be honest that is what has to change in our society that doing a regular job like law or MBA doesn’t guarantee peace of mind and happiness because every individual has his own interests and we shouldn’t push an individual to a certain profession just under the pressure of what others think.

All in all, we wish MC Snub all the very best for his coming years and hope that all his endeavours come to fruition. The music of the song is intense, gravitating, hooks you up and is treat to listen to.

Watch the video here: