MC Snub Brings A Crazy Flow In ‘6 Love (Remix)’


Here we have Shaurya Bhatia aka MC Snub from New Delhi and he says that he is going to be redefining story-telling with time. Well that is something which will be determined by the passage of time but for the moment, let’s deal with what is at hand and that is, ‘Metro Boomin’s 6 LOVE Remix‘ .


The more polluted the climate of city gets, the sicker the resident emcees are getting. MC Snub brings a lyrical typhoon with a twisted chopper flow, he tells about himself in an extraordinary fashion. Rhyme for rhyme this progeny has set a new benchmark for flow and delivery. No names are going to be taken but New Delhi has been breeding chopper and double time rhymers, so far it seems that all of these talented dudes are not sacrificing on lyricism or dispensing mediocre lyrics for a fancy flow and I sincerely hope they keep it that way.

I caught up with this Young gun to see what he had to say about this track and future releases :

Q1. For those who do not know you, introduce yourself ?

A1. Growing up in New Delhi City in a middle-class family, I believe in repping the lifestyle that I’ve been living and most of us are living. I consider myself as a representative of the middle-class, not the poor, not the rich. I rap about breakups, getting bullied, struggling with the low thinking of people around us, the pressure of being the man at school and things that everyone faces in their life. I had discovered hip-hop as a way to the truth. the first time I heard it, I was like “damn! This is so me”. For those who don’t know me, I’m the upcoming face in the Indian hip-hop Scene that y’all are about to see and the only Indian Rapper who does justice to the story-telling part of Hip-hop.

Q2. Tell a little about this release ?

A2. I keep bumping random beats on YouTube in my past time to freestyle on it. So, I came across this beat by Metro Boomin called 6 Love which was so fucking dope that I had to write a verse on it. The first two verses were originally written on a different beat, but they fit more on this beat, so I had to pull it out. Moreover, to get the perfect delivery, I had given 3 attempts in 3 different days to get these verses done and it finally took more than 3 hours on the final day to record these verses.

Q3. The video is sick, were you involved on the production side ?

A3. I had no contribution to the video, except that I decided the locations and I was in front of the camera. Shot by Dan Alex, and Lakshya Arora did a crazy job on the editing and the vfx.

Q4. What do you honestly think about the New Delhi Hip-Hop scene ?

A4. New Delhi Hip-hop scene is on a growth. From the past 1 year, I have seen many rappers coming up and doing a crazy job on uplifting the scene.

Q5. Who are your favorite Desi and Videsi artist ?

A5. Desi: Sikander Kahlon, RAGA, Ruhaan, Divine and Naezy
Videsi: Kanye West, J.Cole, Logic, Big L, Hopsin, Eminem and Kendrick

Q6. How do your future projects look like ?

A6. After this I have got a few projects coming up. Out of all those, there’s one with which I’m very ambitious. It’s called ‘Akela’, it’s a story-telling track about a troublesome teenager. I have got high hopes with this project.

Q7. Would you like to give a shout out to anyone ?

A7. Sukrit Chopra and Dan Alex who have been really supportive since the beginning and Lakshya Arora for being a good advisor and a help on this track. Basically, the whole team behind the track.