MC Kaur is Busy Living Lands



She is a travelling musician who is exploring the pleasures of simple but creative living in her new video Busy Living Lands. Manmeet Kaur aka MC Kaur is only channeling what she is truly following in her life via the video. She moves from one city to the next and collaborates with musicians and has a product at the end of her collaboration. Busy Living Lands is a collaboration between her and a few musicians- a French beatboxer Mic Lee, French producer Gringo and a Russian videographer Evgeniy Shmel who all came together on the video. The song was apparently inspired by a James Brown sample.

MC Kaur chooses her freedom to travel, explore and make music, over societal constraints of an ideal life which consists of a job, money, family and more. She is connecting with people from different backgrounds and different lands and reflecting art through collaborations, all of which are also very DIY. Her idea through her project is to really work with independent and humble musicians.


The video is a window to Kaur’s lifestyle, her passion and the essence of what she truly believes. Busy Living Lands was recorded at a studio in Punjab, mixed and mastered by a Canadian producer DJ Reminisce and filmed in Arambol, Goa.

Her next projects include collaborations with reggae MCs from Bulgaria and France and another collaboration with a New Delhi band called Smooth Relax later this year.