“Maut is a mixture of mainstream vibe & underground rawness” | J19 Squad

J19 Squad is preparing for their next drop ‘Maut‘ on DesiHipHop.com exclusively. The crew is working day and night to drop music back to back and it is efforts like these which differentiates between trendsetters and trend followers. Their last drop ‘Alfaaz‘ got more than 80,000 views and the crew is also excited to see their fan base grow.


This crew always has a good balance between mainstream vibe and the underground rawness. I caught up with the crew just to see what’s happening and how are they preparing for their new drop. This is how it went down :

Slyck : What is the crew upto these days ?

Young H : – J19 Squad is trying to build name and spread the real Hip Hop in India. We will also going to help newcomers in our

Pk Nimbark :- J19 Squad as you know the crew is getting good response from the tracks. We are trying to keep it real and willing to reach the peak of indian Hip Hop Scene. We are also looking forward to empower the movement in our state Rajasthan.

Slyck : Tell a little about your upcoming release ?

Young H :- The track’s name is “Maut”. The beat is produced by me. The lyrics we wrote for the song is really deep, it is completely in HINDI and listeners have to open dictionary one time. My verse defines me. It has the reality of my life. The track is showing the reality of the world too.

Pk Nimbark :- “Maut” the name itself tells about the track that it is universal truth that we all gonna die one day coz “Akhir Maut Hai” My verse tells about me and my dedication towards the music.


Slyck : What was the production process and and the video looks pretty awesome,how did you guys go about the video for this one?

Young H :- Production process is that the audio work is always done by me and Our video work is handled by DHRUV RECORDS.

Pk Nimbark :- The video of the song was the big concern for us and then as it “Maut” so we decided to make the video in dark night at a scary place. The video location and the set was prepared by DHRUV RECORDS.

Slyck : Your last track got a really dope response, how does that make you feel ?

Young H :- It feels really good. It was so damn high from our expectations. We got good reviews from people. Now we feel that our Hard work paid off.

Pk Nimbark :- First of all we want to thank all the people who helped us to make it larger. From this track we got a place in people’s heart and local people also feel proud for us. It is a great experience for us.

Slyck : There is this very distinct flavor in your music, how do you keep it so consistent in every track ?

Young H :- I’m feeling good that people like my music, I always listen to different musicians and producers, and it gives me a lot to learn. I try to put variety in our music.

PK Nimbark :- I wanna tell you one thing that my homie YOUNG H never learned from any music school. Whatever the knowledge he has ,he earned it himself. We work so hard on our tracks and want to improve ourselves everytime.

Slyck : How are your future projects shaping up ?

Young H :- We always keep working on our tracks. After “Maut” I will drop a solo track “Mere Londay” after this one we both will come again with a banger.

PK Nimbark :- Our work never stops. We work continuously on our tracks. So in gap of a month you will see J19 again. We are also looking forward to collaborate with some rappers in underground.

Slyck : Anything who you like to say to the followers or anyone who you would like to give a shout out to ?

Young H :- I want to say to my followers ,”Sabhi ka Dil se Dhanyawad, jin logo ne hamare kam ko appreciate kiya, Asha hai aap aage bhi isi tarah sath denge, Much Love“. I want to give shout out to DHH and all hard workers in the Underground scene.

PK Nimbark :- I want to thank all my friends and fans. You all are awesome and right there in my heart. Keep supporting us, we will keep giving you good hip hop music. I want to shout out to the DesiHipHop team and the persons who are keeping it real. Much Love to all.
Peace out.